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I wanted to repost this press release that I received today from the social network which is a place I have frequented for a while now & its a very refreshing experience. Take a read make up your own Minds! How Protects Your Privacy MINDS MAR 21, 2018, 6:06:19 PM Over the past... Continue Reading →

Children are being tortured in the UK. So why is no-one being prosecuted?

Pride's Purge

(not satire)

Around 20,000 children are estimated to be at serious risk of physical torture in the UK – some as young as 4 years old.

The kids are often held down by several adults and have bits of their tiny bodies cut off without any anaesthetic. Some of them will even die from the trauma.

Obviously this torture is illegal – however there has not been even one prosecution of the perpetrators in the UK. Not one.

How can that be?

The sad fact is that if I had included in the headline the letters FGM – Female Genital Mutilation – I suspect a lot of people reading this post now wouldn’t have bothered.

Why is this horrific crime so easy to ignore? Is it because the children in question are girls? Often from ethnic minorities? Or are some people worried about upsetting ‘cultural sensitivities’?

Well, this…

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An open email to Ed Balls MP

Dear Ed, I hope you had a relaxing time at the grove, mixing with the puppet masters. Does this mean that it will be you & George facing each other across the dispatch box? I'm sure you were seen & spoken too by the right people. It is after all it is Mr Rockafella et... Continue Reading →

Sacked & Discriminated

Firstly let me state that I will not, at this time, be using the individuals real name. Lets refer to her as Helen. It also has to be stated that I am not in possession of all the facts as I was not present at the time when the following events took place. On the... Continue Reading →

Accreditation, do I or don’t I?

You find me sat on a train heading back to kings Lynn from London a very angry & frustrated man. Why? Well I received this email after filling in a lengthy and detailed application for accreditation to go to team GB house and attend press conferences with the athletes. They wanted driving licence details, photographs... Continue Reading →

A rather worrying email from my union the NUJ

It was with a raised eyebrow that I read and then digested the following email from the NUJ (National Union of Journalists.  Its very worrying when you receive this kind of thing from any organisation but from one like the NUJ its very concerning indeed.  Here is the email in full: "Message to all NUJ Members: The NUJ - A... Continue Reading →

Crossing the thin blue line

Crossing the lines. A transition from the lines of the police, to the ranks of the british press. Through the 1990's I was a Police constable in the South Yorkshire Police Force. As well as the day to day community policing I was called upon to take my place in the thin blue line at... Continue Reading →

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