Restfull days

The last couple of days have been relaxing yet productive.  I have spent a lot of time with my family and done a bit of driving but nothing to mad.  The boys seem to be happy too playing the computer games they got for Christmas and son 3, who is 10, has found that he has a talent for stopmotion animation something I am keen to encourage.  It has been productive as I have got my hands on some very good photo software which should help with the production of top quality pictures that I can sell.  I mean that is one of the reasons I am doing this photography and that’s to make money.  I watched a program on BBC 3 about young paps doing their jobs and I now know that I do not want to get into that game it was horrid.  The pressure and stress levels where through the roof and the moral dilemer would have been horrid for me.  I know there are a lot of people out there who don’t draw the line where I do and that is their choice, but for me I want people to know I am there photographing them and are happy for their picture to be taken.  The scrum and scuffle is not where I can function.  I am sure that the adrenaline rush would be out of this world and it is exciting but that kind of rush is not for me. It’s not that I am too old or anything, far from it, as I say it’s the moral issues that would trouble me.

Anyway there is another photo shoot to plan for early on the new year and the work from pennyblack music should be kicking in as well.  I am seriously looking at getting a printed portfolio together as I am not always going to have net access of a good enough standard to show off my work.  I have some rather good pictures already and want them to be seen.  As an aside interesting how this techy geek is looking to the old printed media to push what is very much a digital media.  Interesting.  Anyway the next thing is the new year celebration that we will be having together as a family.  We are off to my sisters house for what I hope will be a good night.  It’s goin to be a late one as we found there was no room at the inn for an overnight stay.  We did try booking back in November but the prices in the local hotels where far to prohibative to justify one night for the five of us.  So it’s a drive home after midnight in stead.  I still like to end up in my own bed each night that’s something that is important.  So as we head towards 2010 and the end of the first decade I wish you all a much more prosperous new year unless ofcourse you are a banker then do us all a favour and just keep things sensable for a bit please.  We the meer mortals would realy apreciate it loads.

All my best

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