O chaos, in the grip of the snow. Humph

So I have, like the rest of the UK been reading and watching coverage (pun intended) of the snow that has fallen across the UK over the last few days. The media was rather predictable in its dooooooom and gloom and I suppose we have come to expect that when we get snow. OK it has been a few years since it really fell but come on Britain, get a grip. I have not been out the last day or so now and thats not because I can’t its just because I don’t want to be cold. Now I know that there will be many of you reading this who have to go out in the snow to work etc and get food and that is something that I will have to do eventually but not for now. We have food so rather than go and ‘panic buy’ ‘just in case’ we are making doo with what we have in the larder. That means we don’t have the same choice as normal but thats no bad thing. I just find it incredible that there is so much hype about how we are not coping and what if? The gas may run out the electricity may go off the roads may become un-passible due to the ice and snow and the country may grind to halt. Could this just be an opportunity for us all to reassess our life styles. I am not talking about making people do without or become ludites and I certainly don’t want to be cut off from technology. I just think there should be a reassessment of priorities, do we NEED pineapples on the shelves in December? I think not myself. I am not saying that I don’t take advantage of choice, I like choice, I just don’t have to have that choice all the time. I can take it or leave it if I am not presented with the choice I don’t get upset or in a panic that I am missing out, that my life is over if I don’t get something NOW! I am subject to the normal vices as everyone else indeed more so in some respects. I am not going to get mad if I can’t find exactly what I want when I want it. If we can’t move things, and after all we are talking about things, about the country as quickly as we seem to need to at the moment then is that going to be the end society? Progress is progress but why should we all get in a state when the great life we have built for ourselves is temporarily interrupted by elements beyond our control, just get on with it. Wait, thats the main thing just wait, tell yourself that you will go and do that thing or go and buy that thing tomorrow instead of risking a lot to get it today. Wait for the snow to melt, wait for the road to be safe then go and make that trip. Its really quite easy when you learn to have a bit of self control. Thats something I think has been degraded in our lives, we are told that we have to have things, go places, do things NOW! Why? Have a bit of discipline or self control and wait. Just because you can’t get what you want now does not mean you can’t have it at all does it? So I suppose that this snow season has prompted me to think out loud on this blog and I know that you may be sitting there saying to yourself, “thats not written very well” or “He’s waffling!” but I am not trying to get some great message across or break a news story or inspire I just want to write and get some of the things that are buzzing around my brain out there and maybe they will not buzz anymore. See you are part of my therapy and yes I am in therapy and have been for a long time now, so feel privileged that you get to share in the healing. Well done you for sticking with me this far.

So the snow has inspired me to write about some of the craziness that I see around me presented in the media and that I see with my own eyes like the frustrated car owner franticly scraping the windscreen before jumping in the car and wheel spinning slowly up the road peering through the foggy little porthole they have rubbed with their cuff. Why all this panic and risk? “Well we need milk and the supermarket may have run out soon” What the hell? Walk to the little local shop or drink something else. tea with lemon is actually rather nice you know.

So for now take care of yourself and those you care for and think about that thing you just have to have or have to do NOW, do you really?

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