NUJ Applications

I mentioned yesterday that I have printed off the forms for joining the NUJ yesterday and the application for the International Press Card etc. I just think that I would like to have a chat with someone who has gone through the process to see if there is anything I have missed or issues I should be aware of. So if you would like to discuss these things that I would be very grateful to hear from you. A freelancer would be great but anyone who is a member of the NUJ would be great.  This is all new to me and to make the transition from serviceman to photographer may sound like an odd transition but its what a want to do, my life has taken a turn to the creative, if it ever stopped being creative that is.  I have a previous history in theatre radio music and all sorts of creative arts so this is just another step down that road.  Anyway enough hope to hear from you soon.

All my best

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