A big bill board and a new line in events

Well what a week end it has been that has just rocketed by with fun at warp speed!!!
Firstly I was photographer at events skilfully put together by DR MASQUERADE. I had more photo opportunities than I could point my 2 cameras at and after filling my memory cards with around 3000 pictures over 2 nights you see here a couple of the pictures from the nights and to top it off I have found out that one of the pictures I have taken has been used on a bill board to advertise a radio station in Boston Lincolnshire, UK. The radio station is a community project presented by volunteers and a keen bunch of kids and also those with many years of experience in the broadcasting world. It’s well worth a listen, on FM in the Boston area and on line at, http://www.endeavourfm.co.uk/ so just because you don’t live in Boston UK is no excuse not to listen and enjoy and maybe get involved.
The events on the other hand where out of this world and as you will see from the 3 pictures I have posted here where wild and fun and well, just OMG!!!!!! Haha. Big thanks to Ade or DR M from, http://www.masqueradeuk.com/ for the opportunity and the time of my life photographing the energy and thrill of performance whilst being right in the thick of things.

So just take a moment to check the pictures and soak up the thrill and atmosphere of stilted ring mistress’s showering in sparks and fire breathing!!!!

Enjoy HAHA!!!!

One thought on “A big bill board and a new line in events

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  1. Alan, YOU ROCK my friend!! Always and forever! DR M will be there to support, encourage and engage! Stay funky, stay you and most of all: EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!! xx DR M

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