I met a legend or two!

Ok so I accept a job to go and see the launch of a new jazz act and I meet this gentleman. Roy Scammell is the ‘un-known stunt man behind many major films from the original (and best) 1969 Italian job, a clock work orange to golden eye and many many more. There he was enjoying an evening of smooth jazz in a small club in north London.
The evening was presenting Anthea Ferrell’s now jazz venture. http://www.syntheso.com/projects/anthea/ Accompanied by Warren Wills on piano she showed the select invited audience gathered in “the sugar lounge” that she has the scope and range to carry off more than just a few jazz standards. Summer time came to the sugar lounge and we were treated as an encore to Anthea draping her self in a girls best friends. Diamonds. They are forever as well as a girls best friend. Anthea’s work with Bony M as well as the west end stage showed in that small venue, whilst the audience may have been on her side from the start, anyone who was there to see what she could really do was not disappointed and the anticipation was more than justified as Anthea slipped seamlessly from one classic number to another leaving everyone in the room begging for more. This was however the launch of the new act which is being developed with Warren and she rightly left us wanting more but waiting until the full act is unleashed later this year. I’m sure that Anthea will fill venues with her sweet smooth voice and it’s certain that she will appeal to both jazz purists and new comers alike. With me at the sugar lounge was my 15 year old ‘metal head’ son James who was spell bound open mouthed through the short taster of the new act, declaring a wide eyed “wow” at the end of the show, high praise indeed! Both guests and sugar lounge staff where held in the palm of Anthea’s hand and it took a while for service to return to normal after the show. Also in the venue was the master of masquerade and DR M him self Adrian Silas. He made the evening a real event and as expected brought a feeling of the real EVENT to proceedings. So keep a close eye on the press and the listings as I’m sure that shows will sell out fast and this is a lady you DO NOT want to miss.

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