Out in London

OK let me first say that the reason I went to London the other day was to take my mother Jenny to a meeting. For reasons best left to the lord mayor of London and the met closing the streets we didn’t get to soho for the meeting. What we did get was some pictures that were partially taken in jest, but after looking at them again and thinking for a while they struck me as sad and an indictment on our capital and society in general.

The guy stood on the corner with the lager was there for a while, so were we stuck at traffic lights waiting and waiting. When he appeared it took me a moment to spot him, but his instability caught my eye and out came the camera. As I say at first I thought he was funny but it’s only now after looking at the pictures again I thought, “How sad, that at 3:20 in the afternoon somebody should get into that state” on the streets, alone.

Then after getting away from the lights and a little further on down the road out of London we passed under a bridge and saw the homeless guy sat under his blanket begging. Now Jenny took the picture with my second camera and the auto focus picked the car wing mirror as it’s focus point so the subject was out of focus. I was going to delete it, but then just as my finger hovered over the delete button I thought, can you see the homeless? I have sent this image off to shelter to see if they would like to use it in a campaign in the future. Not heard from them yet but you never know. Anyway that’s today’s entry. Look at the images and if they make you think, then all well and good.

Take care of you and yours

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