No to the Incinerator campaigners lobby councillors

A Recent public referendum overwhelmingly voted against the construction of  waste incinerator near to kingslynn, Norfolk, UK.  65000 members of the kingslynn community voted against, whilst 5000 voted for.  The plans were however accepted by the county council in the face of overwhelming rejection by the public.
This meeting tonight is a crucial step in the progress of the incinerator
The council will make a resolution tonight for or against the incinerator.
The result at this borough council meeting was resoundingly against the construction of a refuse incinerator proposed to be built near kingslynn.
This resolution will now be taken forward to the future county council meeting to be held in Norwich.  The ‘NO’ movement plan to take their campaign to national MP’s in parliament and to the high court if necessary.
Richard Burton an environmental management consultant, said he has been opposing the incinerator since the very early days of it’s proposal and he claims that the Norfolk county council have made a number of misleading claims about it.  The council claimed that waste would  only be coming from parts of north Norfolk, Richard had found evidence that showed it was planned that waste would be brought in from all of Norfolk, parts of Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire the two neighbouring counties.  At county hall, in norwich on the 7th of march 2011 the county council rejected the overwhelming NO vote.  Richard stated that the 65000 votes against and 5000 votes for was a 92.68% rejection.  He went on to state that this was the same level of turnout as would be expected for a general election and that the against vote was double the percentage that PM Tony Blaire received at the 1997 general election which saw him become prime minister and that was called a landslide victory.
Richard quoted Mr Mike Jackson, director of environment, transport and development, a very senior director at the county council who is behind the proposal for the incinerator, was quoted as writing that “emissions would be so low they wouldn’t even be measurable”.  Richard counted this by saying the Teeside incinerator had emissions of a quarter of million tons of carbon dioxide alone, which equated to the weight of 5 Iowa class battleships.
Dioxins given off by the incinerator would be monitored for 8 hours on four days per year, Richard said this was totally inadequate.  Richard said that Recycling & composting figures show that Norfolk only recycles 43% Cambridgeshire is doing far more than this.  Richard went on to quote percentages for other areas outside the Uk like Flanders, which is half of Belgium recycled and composted  75% of its waste and SanFransico is also above 75% for it’s recycling rates.
Richard claimed that these figures could only be changed by an integrated waste policy and better information to householders.
Campaigners claim that The county council has predetermined itself by including in its contract with the developer that the council would have to pay £20.5 million if the plans are rejected at the planning stage and that no councillor would be willing to reject a plan that would then see the county council having to pay this self inflicted fine.  The construction cost of the incinerator is currently claimed to stand at £500 million, a figure which is also in dispute.
Kingslynn is a mile downwind of the proposed incinerator site, the worst place for it campaigners state.
The original plans to construct this incinerator near norwich were previously rejected by Norwich city council hence the current plans to build it near kingslynn although the argument goes deeper than this it does look like a case of “Not on our doorstep” by Norwich county council.
Alan Taylor-Shearer.

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