A gig of two halves

So last night, Tuesday 13 December 2011, I took myself and my two oldest sons all the way to our home town of Sheffield to the Motorpoint arena to see three bands. Two of them where classic 80’s bands motley Crüe & Def leopard. They where to be joined as support By a new band called steel panther who have taken the term “cock rock” to the limit. They looked like hair metal bands did back in the 80s. They where great awesome and a lot of fun. They didn’t have all the bells & whistles of video and pyrotechnics of their older siblings. We totally enjoyed their set even if the use of swears was a bit excessive.

Then we move reluctantly on to motley Crüe. Let me start by saying that I was expecting a real good show. I was left wanting. The gimmic of Tommie Lee’s drum kit being able to revolve through 360 degrees through the vertical during his drum solo lasted a few minutes and looked great, but that that was it. It looked good for a few minutes then got boring and predictable. http://youtu.be/jW1XZeHMRFY  the rest of the Crüe set was a mish mash of stuff you would have to be a real hard core fan to even recognise. Girls girls girls popped up at the end of the show but by then we had had enough and wanted to see the back of the Crüe. You may just make out my words of disgust as I was told to get back into my seat YET again by the arena staff.

Def leopard did not disappoint at all from the very start of the set to the encore. Cranking out hit after hit intermixed with new material. The whole place was jumping, as long as you weren’t sat in out seats that is. Every time I stood to actually enjoy the music and get into the gig I was quickly told in no uncertain terms to return to my seat and to sit there, to keep the gang ways clear. Now I’m not sure if the staff at the Motorpoint arena have ever been involved in a rock gig but take it from me it’s not common practice to sit and clap along to the music. When you have paid £70 to see a gig you want £70’s worth of enjoyment. They totally ruined this gig for me and the boys. The ‘seating police’ where on top form patrolling even up in the nose bleeders. So frankly I’m fairly sure I won’t be going to see a band there again, that defiantly applies to MC who were frankly shite.

The whole experience was then topped off by the requirement for some greasy rock n roll snack food, so we headed over to the KFC just across the road from the arena. First off they had locked the front doors and were expecting customers on foot to order via the drive through! Yeah we arrived in the car to see two girls stood shivering at the drive through mic trying to order 2 lots of chips. That took 5 mins! Then the staff wanted me to drive to the window to pay for the girls chips!  When I finally convinced them that I wasn’t with these girls they attempted to take my order. I finally go them to accept the fact that I wanted three meals and not two, with drinks and not without then they wanted for £20 from me for the privilege. I was then left waiting and waiting and waiting whilst they tried to give the two previous two girls their two portions of chips.  I had totally had enough by now so I drove to the window and told the staff to stuff their chicken where the sun don’t shine and I cancelled the order, they wanted to know why??? I told them, they hadn’t even managed to get any of my order right and the fact that they couldn’t even serve the people stood shivering outside In the cold due to the locked doors was stupidity of the highest order. Frankly the arena needs to try and give its staff some training, KFC need to get some more staff and motley Crüe need to go and hide in a very small box and never come out, ever again.


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