The Vax Ad

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    I am angry. This is blatant sexism. Where would HE mop up after his wife?? #vax
  2. I was quite happily watching a spot of family TV this evening, when without warning I was subject to the following ad.
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  4. How dare they?!? The only assumption that can be taken from the imagery & voice over timing is that this woman’s husband has a poor aim when visiting the toilet. Now I’m not the only one to spot this….
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    I like how the vax steam cleaner strongly hints that guys pee all over the bathroom floor…. That’s sexist right?
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    The vax steam cleaner advert is lame. Yeah clean up after your husband, fuck that shit. He can clean his own piss up from around the toilet.
  7. A couple of other tweets there that show that it’s caught the attention of at least a few others on twitter. Was that your intention Vax? If so its worked. I wonder what the reaction would be if this were reversed in some way? Will it get make up out of a carpet? What about sick after a hen night? It’s like that diet coke ad, you know all the girls in the office ogling the young bloke whilst they drink diet coke. I often wonder what kind of explosion there would be if we saw 3 blokes drinking coke ogling a young woman with her top off!! Questions I am asking myself all the time so this really prompted me to write about the inequalities in British advertising. I’m sure I will write again about this because it won’t stop…. Blokes will always be the butt of the joke in advertising it seems.
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4 thoughts on “The Vax Ad

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  1. I think this is sexism against BOTH males and females. Sexism against males (like your blog post mentions) as it is implying that they are dirty and just pee all over the floor, but it is ALSO sexism against females as it is implying that women should be the ones to clean up the male pee (i.e. making a huge generalisation about who will be using the mop – ‘cleans up after pets, children and husbands’).
    I don’t think one gender should be more offended than another, I think everybody should be offended. I don’t know how an advert has managed to be sexist against both genders in one statement but they sure have managed it, i’m suprised it hasn’t been reported to ofcom yet.

    I agree with you, however I feel your blog post is slightly one sided, as females have just as much right to be annoyed at this advert. For females, it’s one step away from being another ‘get back in the kitchen’ statement.
    Your blog would have been richer in content if you had gone on to say how most adverts involving children have some woman dealing with a kid without a husband there (or if he is there, he’s just pecking her on the cheek as he goes out to work or where-ever he is going), this makes it appear ‘unmanly’ to look after children and so pushes males out of the equasion, and implies to women that they should be the only one to look after their children. Take this advert as an example of this: ( He just sits there eating his porridge and doesn’t do anything to interact with the child.

    There are MANY instances of both males and females being discriminated against in advertising, and I feel that, though you have got an EXTREMELY good point to make, and the way you write it is great, you’ve only scratched the surface, and from a very male point of view, (‘Blokes will always be the butt of the joke in advertising it seems.’) when you could have taken an even point of view looking at how both sexes are targetted in the media.
    For example, with the coke advert, they’ve recently done one with these stupid, ditzy female puppet dolls arguing over a handbag… theres a bingo advert with a man clearly acting like a nob, theres another advert with a female being talked to by a male condecendingly – ‘Are you sure you needed them shoes?’… These examples are everywhere!

    I’d really love to see this article added to, looking more into just how many adverts are out there which are sexist to one gender or the other… you won’t have to search far.
    Overall, really well written, and you tackle something really relevant, but that isn’t really discussed or thought about. 🙂
    I feel like it is advertising and tv that can be held partially accountable for these male and female stereotypes in first place… adding fuel to the fire in a certain sense.

    (I came across your blog when googling the vax ad, I wanted to see if anybody else saw the blatant sexism in the advert)

  2. I agree, the advert is horribly sexist to both genders and uses outdated stereotypes and marketing methods, in my opinion. But instead of writing about it on your blog, why not complain to ASA? I think we should try and get the message out that this angers us!

    1. Quite right, I just felt I should write something about this as I didn’t want to just tweet about it, (which I did) but a tweet lasts a few seconds but I wanted this to be more structured & long term. I have taken on board everything you all have said & I will get something in writing to the ASA etc & I will get to writing more about this topic. I’m a photographer and have been really tied up in that recently amongst other things. Also I wanted to say thank you for commenting and expressing your thoughts here I really appreciate the feed back as I often feel I am shouting in the digital dark at nobody, if that makes sense? Anyway more to come soon and lets keep this topic alive. Even after this recent campaign has finished there will be more sexist horrid adverts I’m sure.
      All my best


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