Accreditation, do I or don’t I?

You find me sat on a train heading back to kings Lynn from London a very angry & frustrated man. Why? Well I received this email after filling in a lengthy and detailed application for accreditation to go to team GB house and attend press conferences with the athletes. They wanted driving licence details, photographs for id cards all that kind of personal data. I sent that off and after a while I receive this email. I am reproducing it in full apart from the logos and images. I wouldn’t want to infringe any copy writes!!

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Tuesday 12th June
12:30 Arrival for 1.15pm start
12:30 Coffee and teas
12.30 Pickup of Olympic Accreditation for Written and Photographic Press


Institute of Education
20 Bedford Way



Director of Communciations Darryl Seibel Introduction and Welcome by Team GB Chef de Mission Andy Hunt


• Team GB Communications Team
• Media Availability of Team GB
• Team GB House Media Operations
• Managing Victory
• General Media Operations in Olympic Environment:
• MPC Office / Media Ticketing
• News Service Team
• Website Overview
• Team GB Preparation Camp Media Operations and Athlete Availability
• LOCOG Press Operations Update (written) & Q+A
• LOCOG Press Operations Update (photography) & Q+A


ENR (Olympic accredited non-rightsholding broadcasters) Specific Briefing (ENRs should also attend the above briefing)

• News Access Rules
• Ticketing – Non-access
• Team GB House Operating hours


Please RSVP by 12:00pm on Friday 8th June by e-mail to

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So like a good boy I RSVP to well before the deadline with this email,

Dear Richard,
Please accept this email as my positive RSVP that I will be attending the press briefing on 12 June 2012.

Alan Taylor-Shearer

This email is intended only for the person or entity to which it is addressed and may contain information that is privileged, confidential or otherwise protected from disclosure. Dissemination, distribution or copying of this e-mail or the information herein by anyone other than the intended recipient, or an employee or agent responsible for delivering the message to the intended recipient, is prohibited. If you have received this e-mail by mistake, please delete it from your system immediately and notify the sender.

I hear nothing, no reply not even an automated “we have received your email” thing. So I take it from the top email that I’m expected to attend and pick up my accreditation pack. So I travel on a train, on my own something I hate doing and find difficult at the best of times never mind when I’m stressed out to buggery like I am now.

Anyway I get to the venue, the IOE (Institute of education) at Russell square in central London. Only to be told that I DON’T have olympic accreditation but that I should sit through the whole 4 hours of being talked at by olympic officials so that I understand how things are going to work, because O my goodness I will be put on the ‘non accredited’ list so that they can send me email alerts about press conference ‘opportunities’ where a lucky 70 will be chosen to attend as team GB house has limited facilities. Well sorry no if I don’t have accreditation then which agencies are going to accept non accredited and therefore unofficial images and interviews?? No one I expect so I’m not wasting my time and money trecking down there with almost no hope of gaining anything. So sorry team BODGE UP no you can stuff it. I’ve got better things to point my lens at. Thing is it wasn’t just me! No there were loads of freelances being told the same thing! I was the only one who made a fuss, pointed out the error to the team BODGE UP people and stomped off so very very angry. I was going to copy my angry tweets into this post but I ditched that version and also deleted a lot of swearing and very bad words. I’m a bit calmer now after writing this but if by some miracle a member of the TEAM BODGE UP does read this, then I’m not sure if this is a personal attack on you but it’s defo an attack on the way you are treating freelances and independent media people, sorry we cant all be from the BBC and AP. this could have been a fantastic opportunity for you to really help a veteran like me, yes that’s right I’m doing this photography and press lark because I was medically discharged from the RAF because my brain was injured by the things I saw & had to do in the middle east. I served for 11 years taking all the crap and shit that was thrown at me by enemies of this country and the appalling attitude of some members of our own armed forces. You could have been a real step forward in my progress back to health. But no, you have made what seems to be an arbitrary decision that you will let me know via email alert that you might choose me to come and attend a press conference. Well no, it’s accreditation to do the job properly or it’s nothing and on this case you have forced my hand to make the decision that it’s nothing. Your loss I say.

That’s it for now, but to all the other freelances out there that got the same treatment as I did today, write about it, tell everyone how you have been treated, it’s not right. You deserve better than this.



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