Carol Grayson Bad Blood Campaigner

Carol Grayson & supporters meet with Independent hopeful Gary Walker

Carol Grayson short interview

Today I met briefly with Carol Walker from Haemophilia action UK who, along with fellow campaigners had attended a General Election Hustings held at St Mary Le Wigford Church in the centre of Lincoln. She had been there to lobby Gillian Merron, standing Labour MP for Lincoln, claiming that she [Merron] had let down 5000 British Citizens who had been infected with contaminated NHS blood. A campaign which is promoted at . I managed to grab a few words with her after the hustings whilst she was talking with Gary Walker, an independent general election candidate for Lincoln. She had a recent success in promoting the contaminated blood issue when academics named her joint winner of the Michael Young Prize, a £3,000 research fund which she hopes will help continue the fight against the global sale of blood. She is pushing to meet with Andy Burnham, Secretary of State for Health and MP for Leigh with regard to the campaign and to attempt to get a response from him directly regarding the issue of blood products imported from the USA. She claims that these blood products where taken from prisoners in the USA and that this was directly because the importers (the NHS) had placed profit and financial issues over the safety of the haemophiliac suffers.

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    1. Hi Carol, I’m grateful for your feedback and am still circulating the story. I have also been ‘tweeting’ the story and also the links you included in your comment. Once again if you require any further coverage please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

      All my best

      Alan Taylor-Shearer

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