Sacked & Discriminated

Firstly let me state that I will not, at this time, be using the individuals real name. Lets refer to her as Helen. It also has to be stated that I am not in possession of all the facts as I was not present at the time when the following events took place.
On the 30th July 2012 I was waiting to see a doctor for myself when I was checking tweets and saw a tweet from Helen stating that she had been sacked today! Now if thats not shocking enough it seems that she was sacked in part because of her ill health. It seems that she ‘failed’ her annual assessment from her manager. This manager had included statements like ‘Walks around with her head down” she has in fact had some mental health issues for a while now but she had continued to work in the office of a large UK corporation and her work level had been up to standard. She had suffered some bullying previously along with a certain amount of work place intimidation in the same corporation. With all that in mind she had faced the assessment meeting with some trepidation and her manager had totally mismanaged the meeting to the extent that he had induced a panic attack in Helen. He dealt with this panic attack not by calling for medical assistance but by calling for the Police. Who attended the office and in full view of Helen’s colleages taken action against her. Helen had made a statement that she would have traded her mental ill health for the rest of her life in a wheel chair. The manager was “Unmoved” and promptly fired her, with immediate effect. The distress this caused in Helen was such that the panic attack was induced.
To my mind the distress, discrimination, and outright cruelty of this manager towards Helen is unforgivable. In a corporation of the size that Helen worked in should be, in 2012, a more enlightened place. One hoped that Helen would have been treated with respect and offered the necessary care required for a person as ill as Helen is. She is now seeking help from her union and may be taking further action against the corporation and the manager himself. I for one hope that she does and that she receives recompense and more importantly treatment for her illness. That’s what it is after all, Helen is ill, sick, unwell. She’s not a slacker, she’s not being lazy, she is ill.
Now I speak as one who also went through a similar kind of situation in 2010. Up until 2006 I was a forward looking, hard working, dependable RAF Police officer who was looking at a bright future. In 2006 I was involved in an incident in the middle east which has had a massive impact on my life ever since to this day. I was diagnosed with PTSD and medically discharged from the RAF due to “Severe Anxiety & depression Disorder” a title which has followed me ever since. I am currently receiving help from the ‘Combat Stress’ charity which is where I was when I was reading the tweets from Helen.
Helen is now in a very low depressed place brought on by the actions and attitude of her manager and the corporation where she had previously worked. Now this is fresh and the scars are deep for Helen, I hope that she will heal enough to be able to talk more about the events that lead up to her dismissal in more detail. So with that in mind I am going to leave the conclusion for now so that this developing story can unfold at Helen’s pace. Please keep her in your thoughts and lets hope that the illness that brought her to this dark place can be treated.

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